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Automotive & RV Cleaning

Automotive & RV Cleaning & Detailing

At Cleanrite Cleaners, we have a new way to clean your vehicles upholstery and carpets.  We are using the most up to date cleaning system available, encapsualtion.

Encapsulation cleaning for carpet and upholstery is the combination of an older process with new chemistry.  The process may look like shampoo cleaning but the results offer many advantages.

What is encapsulation cleaning?
Encapsulation is a low moisture cleaning method for carpet and fabric upholstery. It has been widely accepted for commercial carpet cleaning and is beginning to see more use in upholstery cleaning and auto detailing.

A detergent solution emulsifies, dissolves and suspends the various types of soil. Gentle agitation using a brush, sponge or bonnet dislodges soil from the fabric or carpet pile. As the cleaning solution is drying, a polymer encapsulates or surrounds both the soil and the fibers being cleaned. This polymer coating is smooth.  When both the dirt and the individual fibers have this smooth coating, soil does not stick but easily releases from the fiber to be vacuumed away.

The polymer that is left behind on the fibers reduces or eliminates stains wicking back to the surface. Future soils releases from the fabric easier thereby slowing resoiling.

In addition to staying cleaner longer , encapsulation Cleaning offers the advantage of quick drying, normally under one hour and often as quickly as 15 minutes.

The Process
As with any proper cleaning of fabric or carpet, the first step is thorough dry vacuuming. This is particularly important with encapsulation cleaning as any soil not removed by vacuuming must be encapsulated. More soil means more cleaning agent, more moisture and more time to get the desired results.

Apply to a small area at a time. Apply enough to dampen the fabric but not get it wet. This is key to getting the fabric clean without wetting through to all the soil hiding below the surface of the fabric.

Excess foam and soil can be wiped away with clean towels. This step is optional. Carpet and floor mats can be heavily impacted with soil. Thoroughness with vacuuming prior to this step will save a lot of time here. Otherwise, have plenty of cotton towels handy.

Spots, stains and soil will begin to fade as the cleaning solution dries and the encapsulation polymer begins to form.

Interested in learning more from our staff of green certified cleaning pros?   Call our experts at 1-204-430-1924 today!

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