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Our Satisfaction Guaranteed Promise To You, Our Valued Customer
When you choose the best service providers in the industry, you expect that they will stand behind their work, 100%.  That's why we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee second to no one.  

Our Unconditional Guarantee
In addition to our "Everyday Low Prices", Cleanrite offers a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" where we will perform our work to the highest industry certified standards using the latest equipment, most advanced powerful cleaning system, and the latest industry techniques available to make you the happiest customer.

 Carpet Cleaning Services
Some of our competitors use truck mounted water based steam cleaning equipment.  These systems can lead to poor extraction of moisture and long drying times often spanning days.   Our encapsulation system uses commercial grade family and pet safe cleaning agents and state of the art equipment.  These specialized dirt trapping chemicals are design to isolate and trap dirt for vacuum removal.  This system is designed to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for longer than heavier moisture cleaning systems.  

The encapsulation process is the newest cleaning technique in the industry and is recognized for it's superior results and fastest drying times.  (hours vs days!).  If you feel something extra is required after your carpet or upholstery cleaning, simply call us, we'll make it right, everytime!

**An Important Note:  From time to time, it is possible that a stain will not be completely released  or removed from upholstery, leather, or carpet.  These types of stains or fabric injuries involve a variety of different physical and chemical processes that may have permanently altered the fabric, adhesives, seams, or pile in your carpet and upholstery.  We will, based on our experience and when possible, advise you ahead of time if we feel that a particular stain or fabric injury may be partially removed or have some residual markings after cleaning. **
We believe this open communication and analysis of your materials to be cleaned is an important part of your overall satisfaction with our service.

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