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Brush Pro Carpet Cleaner
Brush Pro Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation Equipment & Encapsulation Cleaner

The Brush Pro Industrial Rotating brush machine is a heavy duty commercial grade carpet cleaning system that outperforms all other carpet cleaning systems.   The Brush Pro system uses a new 50% stronger motor to power through thick and thin carpet, oriental and area rugs and even clean flooring and tile.

The Brush Pro Features:
All stainless steel lightweight construction for fast loading and unloading as well as manouverability in small homes and apartments
New motor is 50% stronger than previous models to scrub your carpets and floors cleaner
Clean both carpet and hard surfaces with one machine, don't forget to ask about those tiles and other surfaces when you call us!
 Soft brush attachments for gentle cleaning making it perfect for oriental rugs too!
Super quiet operation makes it the ideal machine for cleaning casinos, hotels, hospitals and locations that are "open for business" during cleanings
We offer our customers a complete cleaning system; machine, cleaning compound and encapsulation prespray that is Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute (CRI) certified for your assurance that we are using the best the industry has to offer.
Included attachments allow us to collect soil that normal vacuuming is unable to remove for cleaner looking carpets and floors.

Best of all, the system is fast!  Encapsulation technology combined with the advantages of the Brush Pro system mean our customers have cleaner carpets, faster, and with the FASTEST drying times in the industry.  Minutes, not hours or days! 

So what are you waiting for?   Call now to confirm your next cleaning appointment?  1-204-430-1924

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